Better Shifts, Better Facilities, Better Pay

Freedom and flexibility to work where and when you want


Competitive Weekly Pay, Access to DailyPay & Bonuses


Medical, dental, and vision coverage and retirement benefits


Powerful Tools That Make Your Job Easier

Find open shifts in your area that work for your schedule with our easy-to-use smartphone app. 

All you need to do is sign up and get started.

Freedom and flexibility to work where and when you want

Competitive Weekly Pay & Bonuses

Medical, dental, and vision coverage and retirement benefits

As an IntelyPro, you’ll get the pay, freedom, and flexibility you want. Simply log into our easy-to-use mobile app to browse and filter shifts that work for you. You can build a schedule that’s perfectly tailored to your needs, giving you better work/life balance without ever having to feel locked into certain types of shifts.

You deserve high pay and excellent benefits. In addition to pay that’s 25% higher (on average), as an IntelyPro, you will also be paid weekly via direct deposit, and have access to unlimited bonuses, holiday pay, overtime, and hazard pay.

At IntelyCare you aren’t a contractor, you are an employee, and you will get to enjoy all the benefits that come with this. Our benefits include employer-contributed taxes, healthcare coverage, a 401K, and worker’s compensation and malpractice insurance.

Nursing is both an art and a science. Being a trusted resource to patients means nurses need to have a combination of skills they continue to refine through continuing education.

While many nursing roles offer competitive pay, some nurses may not feel in control of their personal finances. Don't worry! Read our tips on how you can find financial freedom.

Introducing The IntelyHeart Foundation

The IntelyHeart Foundation is a charitable, not-for-profit organization established by IntelyCare that provides need-based grants. Sometimes you just need a helping hand. We want to support our nursing professionals in all areas of their life.

Submissions are open. 

If you’re considering per diem nursing but aren’t sure if you should make the switch, consider some of the significant benefits and drawbacks of these roles.

“After working a few shifts with IntelyCare, I quickly realized working for this company is the only job I needed and desired to have.”

Intelycare nurse

RN - Columbus, OH

Let’s be honest. Nursing is rewarding, but also extremely stressful. Try these methods to reduce stress and get back to enjoying your life and your job.


Empowering Nursing Professionals

IntelyCare lets you take control of your schedule. Avoid hours of back-and-forth emails and phone calls and find shifts in your area that are tailored to your needs, preferences, and abilities. Browse, filter, and pick up shifts that work for you, all from our easy-to-use app.

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